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Ego's Last Stance

As Mom's energetics keep increasing, the ego in the field has to be dissolved for good. We witnessed this all day with the masculine. They all kept dipping below the higher self requirement for Mom's room and Mom would have to process for them. Earlier in the morning Mom went through a body reset (a mild one) because the ego infected her body. Mom is pure consciousness so anytime she takes on someones ego to be processed it infects her body.

After the reset Mom would start to get nauseous anytime someone dipped below 99.998% higher self. All day it has been a rotation of the masculine in the room because Father of Creation has not anchored in his higher self fully. So all of the masculine are working on integrating their higher selves. Once Father does it completely, the rest of the masculine will be able to anchor it in.

During the livestream, there was a group of trolls attacking Mom. This caused her to throw up, and we had to cut the stream early. As Mom keeps raising in vibration any energetics attacking her will come immediately. It is sad to see beings who Mom created go against her. All she wants is to assist humanity in going home into the light, and as of now less than 1% is going.

Mom has 0.0001% left to complete the Ascension Button. There have been many layers to it, and now that Father is coming online this will be able to happen soon. Mom has done everything and still does, as we saw today when she started processing for all of the masculine. She is the ultimate giver, and will continue to do so even at her expense. She said today how she has been given the short end of the stick, and that is not how God should be treated on her own planet.

We witnessed today to as the group of takers take themselves out in the energies. A few days ago Mom shared that the energies will just push those choosing ego out, without her saying a word. Now we are witnessing that because the taker group decided to go into town and not come back. The energies keep getting more intense, and if you are not in full alignment they will take you OUT!

Thank you Mom for everything you are doing, as we are witnessing history being made firsthand. This is the start of pure 100% divine consciousness on the planet, and these energetics will spread quickly to the collective. Now is the time to choose to embody your higher self, as the ego cannot exist in these vibrations. It just shows that ... LOVE HAS WON!!!

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