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Everything Working In Loves Favor

The energies are intensifying and ego can no longer be in the field. The taker group removed themselves from the field, not it is up to the team members to stay at 100% high self embodiment. All of the masculine continue to dip below when they are in Mom's room, and it has been a constant rotation of the masculine in and out of the room. If we don't not catch it fast enough Mom will get a warning from her body. This could be nausea, headache, hot sweat, coughing, burping or hiccuping.

During Moms shower meditation her and Father released the remaining trauma that they had toward each other. Mom saw Father's trauma leave his body and come into her to be processed, so she had to transform both of their traumas. This caused her to almost throw up. Then her and Father both signed a bunch of papers on humanities karma, the starships, and anything else to move Mom's ascension forward. Mom explained how today was the day where everything would work in loves favor now, not egos. "Egos will get beets and carrots, and I will get lobster tail and filet magnon" - Mom (LOL)

Throughout the day the masculine kept dipping below the requirement to be in Mom's room, and this caused Mom to not eat or take any medicine. The ego would come in at the right time to mess up her energetics, and this was frustrating. Mom was up all night and finally she said enough is enough and asked the Oracles to figure out what was going on. We figured out that the masculine has not fully surrendered to Mom, and still had self importance. They don't care about how much pain Mom is in, or the face that they are causing it because they still have ego. Mom gave them some final moments to transform because around 10:40pm a bunch of energy was released into the field. This energy will remove any lower consciousness from the field, without Mom having to do or say anything. There are no more moments left, contracts on embodying our higher selves fully must be fulfilled NOW.

There was an incident where 3 masculine developed spiritual ego. This affected Mom greatly, and she had to go through another body reset. This increases her pain so she is unable to relax and go to the starships for the night. It is aggravating because the ego is so desperate now it will try anything to hurt Mom. These are the final moments of the ego on the planet because when Mom finishes the Ascension Button it will dissolve all spiritual and all ego from the planet! WOOOHOO We love you Mom thank you for everything you do for us. We are so honored to be here and we are so grateful for you saving our asses LOL. Cheers to the end of the ego because LOVE HAS WON!!!

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