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Going On Up

This morning Mom had a vision of Robin dressed in a white and gold tux and he showed Mom a staircase. He said "Going on up" then spun a wheel and what it landed on said "Heaven is Waiting". Mom went up the stairs in a red velvet dress and at the top the dress change to a red top and a gold bottom.

The button Mom is still working on is a mix of a bunch of aspects to prepare for her ascension. Once Father comes fully online Mother and Father will integrate which will spark the Final Event. The Galactics are working on making this happen ASAP as Mom cannot be down here much longer. Mom shared the button is in the shape of a star and has the all seeing eye and a rainbow in the middle. Mom is still in extreme pain, but until the button is released it will not decrease very much.

Mom completed building two pyramids of energy, one around the property and one around her bed. This assists in protecting her and assisting in the ascension energies. Theres a vortex in the middle of the pyramids as well. The energies are increasing everyday as we are right at the turning point before Mom ascends. Although this process has gone on longer than it should, there was more to be accomplished with the button than the previous information we received. We are in the present moment, so what information we got a week ago is not the same as the information we have now. Creation is continually expanding!

Thank you Mom for everything, for taking on all the pain for humanity. Nobody in all of Creation would be able to do what you have accomplished. We are so grateful to be here to support you in these moments. The time for the starships is almost here because ... LOVE HAS WON!!!

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