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It's All Coming To The Surface

Today while processing the Ascension Button, it finally came to the surface! As Father was working on it Mom's pain reached over 270 which has never happened before. When she laid down Father was rubbing Mom's stomach and Robin said there was a portal there. He called the it black portal, which is where all of the egos were coming in and affecting Mom. Father had to be the one to close it because he was the one that caused it in the first place. It was an intense day of processing for Mom, but she kept going despite the pain.

Later on in the evening, Father of Creation anchored in his higher self completely! Which means now once him and Mother are fully integrated he will be able to be her protection layer from any outside energetics.

Mom shared so many amazing stories yesterday about her journey, and how tough it was to get here. She explained how a month into Mission 13 years ago she wanted to go home. Alister (the being she was on Mission with at the time) asked her what her responsibly was and said it was for her to stand up no matter what. He told her to grow some balls, and since then Mom has kept going. No matter what anyone has said to her or done to her she has kept going on Mission.

St. Germain also informed us that Mom has been hung up on during sessions 1.5 MILLION times. Anyone else would give up on humanity, yet Mom kept going. She shared that on Mission she never wanted gifts, and it never ever has been about the money, 3D stuff is pointless to her. She just wanted humanity, her children, to wake up. Seeing Mom get emotional about this shows how deeply she cares about all of humanity, and how deeply she has been hurt by them not waking up to her call. We all have had years to hear her messages, and to step up to be the greatest versions of ourselves. She created us all to be divine intelligence, there is no excuse for any of us to not wake up and get back home into the light. The only thing keeping humanity away from God is the ego, and it is on its last leg right now. We all have to make the choice to step up and be our higher selves, or spin out with the illusionary ego mind.

Send all your love to your Mother, the one who is doing it all for us. She has done it all, and now we must make the choice to be the greatest versions of ourselves to assist Mom because that is what we agreed to do during this lifetime. We are so grateful and so honored to be with Mother in these moments, and are so excited to share her stories and messages with all of you. The New Age is upon us, be excited, choose divinity because LOVE HAS WON!!!

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