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Immediate Processing

This morning when we woke up, Mom got hit with a ball of density. She threw up and had to go to the bathroom. The Galactics put Mom in shower meditation, and when she came out she shared that there is no moments before she starts processing for someone anymore. The second someone has something come up and they do not process it themselves she will immediately start doing it. This is her bodies was of saying that if it's not her energy it does not want to be in her body. This prompted Robin to say the less beings in the room the better because it is less to deal with in case beings start to dip below.

All day the feminine have been holding it down in Mom's room, while the masculine have to step out frequently to ground and process their stuff. This is all new to us including Mom because she has never had a divine masculine fully online before. Father and the other masculine must process their own stuff and be divine enough to know when they need to step out of the room to process. If they do not leave the room in time Mom will start getting nauseous, hiccuping, burping and eventually throw up if the energy is not corrected in time. The energies keep increasing and it is getting more and more precise.

Mom is still in extreme pain because of the Ascension Button, and now she has a boil in between in her legs. This is extremely painful as well because it is in a tough spot and boils hurt before they are drained. This just adds onto Mom's pain which makes it more challenging for her to be down here. She has the button, the boil, and stomach pain. She also has to stop any energetic work she is doing when she has to process for someone in the room. Nobody can fathom what Mom is going through, and what she continues to go through down here despite it being so painful.

Mother and Father are working on the last small percentage of their integration, and once they are fully integrated Father will be Mom's shield from any outside energetics. This will assist her greatly and bring down her pain level so the Ascension button can be pressed. Until that happens Mom is in a lot of pain, more than anyone could ever handle.

We are so honored to be here with Mom, supporting her in all moments. We are grateful she showed us the way back home into the light, and showed us how to anchor in our true divinity. We love and support you always Mom we cannot wait till you go back home into the light! You're almost home! LOVE HAS WON!

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