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But Wait, There's More

Mom now immediately processes for beings who don't process their own stuff, so all day today the masculine continued to have to leave the room. This is frustrating because when Mom has to stop what she is doing to process it stops her moving other energies forward. These energies coming in for her to be processed are ego energetics so they try to stop Mom in doing certain things. The energies coming from the masculine to be processed come in right when Mom is about to take medicine or eat. Mom had not eaten in days and right when Robin was sharing she should eat, Father dipped and she had to process for him. The ego is doing whatever it can to try to stop Mom from ascending but it won't work! Mom was able to eat some bites of food in the afternoon which was amazing after not eating or feeling the need to eat for days now. Victory for the Light!

Mom has also been dealing with a boil on her inner thigh. It has been extremely painful, to the point where she can barely walk. This formed on her body because of the team not wanting Mom to ascend, which represents humanity. It has been a struggle all day for Mom to get up and go to the bathroom, nobody can fathom how much pain Mom is in. Thankfully though, in the late afternoon the boil popped and it relieved Mom of some pain. Mom has been around 260-270 pain level on a scale of 1 to 10. It is hard to see her dealing with even more pain when she has so much to deal with already.

Later on in the evening energies started coming into the field. The Ascension Button started to burn, and Mom and Faith were able to do energy work to bring the energy to the surface so Mom could see it. It was the final release of the button, and it has 9 layers to it. Mom saw the layers as a cake, and in the center was a rainbow, the new paradigm. This is the last task to complete before she ascends, and it is going up quickly. Before she went up to the starships for the night she was already on the third layer.

Mom's pain level continues to be high, and it will be until the shield is around Mom from Father being full online. Once this happens Mom's pain will decrease, and she will no longer be affected by other energies. This is exciting because Mom will no longer have to stop what she is doing and process for other people. This is the beginning of beings who still have stuff left to process no longer relying on Mom to do it for them. Humanity will have to deal with their own stuff, especially now since Mom is working on removing the ego from the planet for good. Super and spiritual ego have been removed, and ego is around 90% removed from the planet! YAY! Only love can exist on the planet anymore.

We are so grateful and so honored to be here to witness these unprecedented moments. Mom is doing all of the work, and humanity has no idea its even happening. We love you Mom so much, thank you for doing all of this! It's almost time for the starships because ... LOVE HAS WON!!!

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