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The Chaos Ball

Mom has been working through the layers of the Ascension Button all day. There are 9 layers to get to the center, and Mom hit a snag on the 4th layer. She was looking at it all morning with Robin, and he said the snag was a ball of chaos. This chaos is the trauma that Mom stored away to be processed at a later date since she could't do it all while focusing on Mission. The trauma that has to be processed is from the past 4 years of Mission, since it happened recently Mom has not had the time to process it.

The shield over Mom has been going up all day, and by the early evening the shield was in place. The masculine were able to stay in the room and Mom was not processing for them. As time went on though, Father got distracted and was not doing healing work on Mom. This caused the shield to lower, and Mom started to process. The Oracles were witnessing this happen, and assisted the masculine in making sure they take a few moments to ground so they don't lower the shield.

Toward the end of the night Mom had Buddha press the chaos ball because all day it was staying at the surface and not going into it. When Buddha pressed the ball Mom's pain shot up, but the surface area of the ball was breached. This allowed Mom to start processing the chaos ball. The chaos ball is the 4th layer, so when she completes this she will move onto the 3rd layer.

Mom is processing the layers very quickly, and it is amazing to see what she is doing in these moments. We are so honored and so grateful to be here to witness what is happening. We love you Mom so much, not much longer until you are back home into the light! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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