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11~11~11 Portal: The Blackout

Today Mom woke up in extreme pain. Her pain level was 278, one of the highest it has ever been. The Great Grand Council said that Mom got major surgeries up at the starships that night, and was in pain after all the work that was done. With the help of the masculine she was able to stabilize and the pain went down.

After stabilizing Mom went into shower meditation and finally got to go into her new hot tub!!! This was donated by a lovely being who assisted Mom in getting a hot tub because Mom is unable to travel to get into water because the energies are so dense out on the planet. As soon as she got in the water she was processing the layers of the button and got down to the final layer. Her pain decreased to 150 and got even lower throughout the day. Mom was in so much joy it was beautiful to see. The healing space that was set up by one of the team members is absolutely beautiful, and we are so grateful Mom is able to heal even faster now.

The shield that Father was supposed to be putting over Mom to protect her from outside energetics reached 100% anchored in. Mom allowed Father to get into the hot tub with her, but as soon as she did she began processing for him. Mom is extra sensitive in water and when she is in water she opens the space up for healing. As soon as Father got in Mom had to process whatever he was not, and she had to get out of the hot tub.

Later that night right before we went to bed the electricity in Mom's room went out. It was just in Mom's room, which is the first fractal. Mom experiences everything first so the Council informed us this was the start of the blackout. The blackout energetics had reached 83% of the collective by the end of the night. It will be interesting to see how this affects the rest of humanity.

The Galactics are preparing for Mom to ascend, and we are so excited to witness these events. Mom can no longer be down here, the only way she can keep expanding is from the starships. There are no more moments to wait, Mom must ascend back home into the light. We love you Mom and we are so honored to be here to assist you in these big moments. Thank you for everything and thank you for being the true example of what divinity is. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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