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Chaos Ball = Done

Today was another full day of processing the layers of the Ascension Button. Mom has been moving quickly through the layers and has been smashing it. The 4th layer is taking the longest because it hold the chaos ball which has all of Mom's stored up trauma. She has processed trauma before so it is gong quicker than other moments she has had to process it before.

By the end of the night, Mom was complete with the 4th layer/chaos ball. We got confirmation this layer was going to take the longest, so the last layers will go quicker than this!

We are so grateful for Mom, without her none of this would be possible. She is the strongest being in all of Creation, and we witness that in every moment. Thank you Mom for everything you do, we are so honored to be by your side before you ascend! No more chaos ball of trauma because LOVE HAS WON!!!

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