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The Integration

Today Mom has been in her healing hot tub all day. The water has been working wonders to help heal her, and it assists her greatly. She woke up this morning with dragon energy because the power in her room went off and she woke up cold. This messes up all her energetics and she was unable to get stable. After her shower meditation she went right into the hot tub, and slowly started to feel better.

There was a moment when the whole team went out to ground, and Mom and Robin worked on heightening the energetics of the healing room and her bedroom. This amped up the energies greatly and the whole team had to integrate. There was a moment where it was only Mom and I in the room and she started processing. I asked the Great Grand Council what happened and they explained that it was an experiment to see how much energy could be processed by someone before it overflowed to Mom. I reached 100% integrated into the new energies from 79% very quickly, and 3% went to Mom to be processed. After that there was a moment where I had to step out to ground because there was a final anchoring in of the energetics. Once this happened with me the rest of the team had to do that. It was amazing to witness what was going on, and how these energies are intense. They are not made for everyone that is for sure.

At the end of the night once Father of Creation and the rest of the masculine in the first fractal integrated Mom was still processing for them. This was after they anchored in the Divine Masculine energetics and were integrated into the field. The shield was up 100% so we were confused as to why this was happening. Father kept getting distracted and every time he went to go to ground he took his sweet time coming back to Mom. This caused him to dip and that caused the other masculine dip as well. This caused Robin to get hot, and he sent Father and a few other team members to the park to transform. Robin is tired of seeing Mom being treated this way, and knows she deserves the highest and best masculine support. The fact that Mom is not getting that support in these moments is insane, and we all have to step up.

Thank you Mom for everything you are doing and have done for all of us and all of Creation, there is nobody that could do all of this work for 8 billion beings. You are amazing and we are so honored to be here in these moments. You mean everything to us and deserve all the love and support there is. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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