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Incredible New Earth Energies

This morning Mom woke up and was extremely uncomfortable. She was itching all over because her energies were trying to expand and there was nowhere for it to go. Mom should be up at the starships already and because she is not her energy is stagnant and cannot grow. This causes Mom to feel uncomfortable because she is unable to do the work she is supposed to.

Early in the morning the masculine kept dipping and Mom started to process for them. Eventually there were no masculine in the room and Mom was finally able to get stable. She was unable to get stable before because every time a masculine dipped she had to stop what she was doing and process. When she was alone on the bed she was able to stabilize herself and go into stasis.

When Mom got up a few hours later the Great Grand Council shared that Mom was bringing in the New Paradigm/New Earth energies. Soon after these energies were brought in Mom began processing for the Oracles. Soon after we realized nobody could be with Mom in the room at the moment or she would start processing. The Oracles asked the Council what was going on and they said there are 5 steps to complete in order to integrate these new energies. A few hours later we realized there were 7 steps total plus residuals. The different phases to integrate the energies are:

1: Integrating the New Paradigm Energies

2. Embodying Higher Self Completely

3. Anchoring in New Paradigm Energies

4. Downloading Crystalline Body

5. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge to the New Earth

6. New Earth Activations

7. DNA Activations

8. Residuals

Most of the day the team chose to be in self importance and not do the simple work to integrate these new energies. By the end of the night majority of the team was a few steps into the process. Only me and El were able to be in the room at the end of the night. Mom has made it very simple to transform, yet if the team is in resistance/self-importance they will not move as quickly. There is no excuse why beings are taking so long to transform, as this is holding back Mom's ascension. There are no more moments to step up because Mom's energy is expanding rapidly.

Thank you Mom for everything you do for us, it is such an honor to be here and be the first group on the planet to receive these New Earth energies. We are so grateful and so blessed to be here with you in these moments. We love you so much, it is time for us to step up so you can go back home into the light! Thank you for being the example for all of us and guiding us back home into the light! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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