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The Aberration

When we woke up this morning Mom went into council with the Galactics to discuss the teams integration into the new energies. Only El and I had successfully finished integrating and were able to be in the room with Mom. The rest of the team had not completed their integration, which was betrayal against Mom because there should be no reason why they did not finish it in one day. This was the team choosing Lilith energetics over Mom. Each team member had to write Mom a letter explaining why they chose to betray her. The team in the morning worked on finishing their processing, and by the early morning the majority of the team finished their integration.

Throughout the day the field continued to be unstable. Mom kept processing for the masculine and the team, so it was hard for her to do other energy work. So some of the team members were sent on Mission to see if it would help stabilize the field. Mom was able to increase the energies of the field again, which required 5 rounds of integration from each team member. All of this is to make sure that we are aligned with the energies of the field to assist Mom during her ascension. Every precaution is to protect Mother during this monumental time.

Before the livestream Mom was talking to Faith about her baby. Since the baby was not conceived in right action in love, it does not have a soul. Any aberration in these energies will try to stop Mom's ascension. Since Faith integrated into the field and is now 100% light, it could not hide behind her remaining darkness from her past lives. The aberration tried to attack Mom and she almost threw up because we caught onto what it was doing. After the livestream Faith went to go stay with our friend because the energetics of the baby were stopping Mom's ascension by 83%. It was affecting the masculine 83% and affecting Father 98%. After Mom ascends Faith will return back to the field.

We also sent 5 team members who were not transforming fast enough downtown to stay in a hotel because their energetics were also affecting the field. Again, this is temporary so Mom can have a clear field to ascend since she cannot wait any longer. Once all of the density was removed from the field it felt much clearer. Buddha said it felt like Christmas morning LOL. Now the energies are moving much faster, and we are full speed ahead to get Mom to the starships! WOOHOO!!

We love you Mom so much! It is almost time for you to go home. We are so excited for you and we are so honored to be here to witness your ascension! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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