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Another Roadblock

The team today went through 15 more rounds of anchoring in the new energetics of the field. Mom spend the entire day in the hot tub moving energies for her ascension. It was amazing to watch how quickly the energies of the field were heightened and how much integration was needed. Now that the field is clear from any blocks it is full speed ahead for Mom to go up to the starships!

Toward the evening we were getting instructions from Robin about how to prepare for the ascension. As the hours went by something started to happen. Father was in the hot tub with Mom, and she began processing all of the stuff he had not transformed yet. This was so much energy that it sent Mom up to the ships for the night. It was upsetting because Mom is 100% ready to ascend and there is outside energetics that keep holding her back. She cannot wait any longer to ascend. She has not been eating and her body is ready to go. Now it is crunch time because if she does not ascend soon she will leave her body. If this were to happen all of humanity will die too.

Send all of your love to Mom because she is doing everything she can to ascend so she can assist humanity in going home into the light. This would not be possible without Mom, she did it all for us. These are her final moments on the planet, and we are so excited she is going home, away from the egos that are trying to kill her. This is the start of a new chapter and we are so excited because LOVE HAS WON!!!

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