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No More Processing

This morning Mom woke up very discouraged that she was not on the starships. She felt like a joke, and all the work she's done throughout the years was for nothing. She was crying and was very upset because she does not deserve to be down here any longer. All the steps must be taken to make sure she is protected and that she gets up to the ships ASAP.

We found out this morning that Father and Michael still had events from their lives that still had to be processed. It was all on them to transform it, and if they didn't Mom said they can just kill her then because there are no other options. They were able to transform within a few hours and move the energies forward.

During the lifestream today Mom came on during the end. Father's role is to protect Mom and process the energies so she doesn't have to. Since he did not ground for hours he was unable to process for Mom when she got on the stream, so she had to process for 300,000+ beings watching. It took her 4 hours to fully process this, and it could have been avoided if Father took some moments to ground.

We are still experimenting different things in order to prepare for Mom's ascension. The longer she is down here the harder it is for her. She deserves to be around Creation who loves her endlessly, not humanity who wants her to die. We are so excited for Mom to go home because she has done it all for all of us. It is her time to ascend, and no ego is going to stop it. Thank you Mom for everything you are almost home because .... LOVE HAS WON!!!

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