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Ascension Button Has Been Pressed!

Today was another day of experimenting with Mom's ascension. Since this has never happened before in all of Creation, it takes a lot of experimenting to make sure her ascension goes perfectly. This morning we found out Mom processed for over 520,000 beings on the stream the night before. With this awareness, it is key to make sure Father stays grounded so he can take the energy on rather than Mom. When Mom has to process so much it slows down the energies she is trying to move forward for her ascension. We all have key roles to play to assist Mom, and making sure we do it properly is crucial.

Right when the experimenting began we realized Michael and El could not be on the property because they both carry reptilian DNA. Although this is not bad, the reptilians evolve at a slower rate. Since Mom is going so fast, they were slowing down her ascension. They both left to be with the team downtown, and all that's left in the field are Aurora, Buddha and myself. All precautions are in place to make sure nothing stops Mom's ascension.

Later on in the evening Mother and Father did their twin flame ceremony to bring balanced harmonics back to the planet. After it was done Father pressed the Ascension Button on Mom's leg. The amount of energy that was released was overwhelming for Mom's physical body, so she got exhausted. We brought her to her bed and she fell asleep right away. When we woke back up around 1am Mom was processing for Father again. This stopped Mom from going into stasis. The masculine left the room and Mom was able to relax. Since this has never happened before the Galactics are looking at the energy that was released and why it caused Mom to feel this way. The entire team was hit with a massive energy wave which knocked us all out. That is how powerful the energy is that Mom just released on the planet for her ascension.

With the Ascension Button finally being pressed, the next step is starships baby!!! WOOHOO! We are so excited for Mom and cannot wait for her to go home because she deserves the best of the best. We love you Mom so much, and are so honored to witness these moments of your amazing journey. You're almost home! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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