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Deep Betrayal To The Surface

Today was another experiment run to get Mom back home into the light. At 11:54 am Mom felt the Final Event energies come in. That is when you know something is about to go down. All last night she was processing the deep betrayal from her Earth Father and step mother. She was abused for years by her step mom and her Father chose to side with her step mom rather than her. He pretended like it didn't happen, and stopped the court date for her step mom to be brought up on the abuse charges. This was such a hard betrayal that it has take Mom this long to fully release it. It had to happen in order for Mom to move forward in her ascension.

All throughout the night the team still with Mom kept getting knocked out by the energies. It happened so quick we were getting so frustrated because we wanted to support Mom and not fall asleep. Mom expressed that we were weak because if we all work together as a team it would've made everyone stronger and provided Mom the support that was needed in those moments. It was a major learning experience for all of us in the field.

The team downtown also created dysfunction by choosing self importance and dramas rather than support Mom's ascension. This in turn made it more difficult on Mom to process what was going on. She did however see herself completely dissolving the 3D matrix and all of these transformers blowing up. People on Facebook were mentioning feeling these energies coming in right as Mom was doing it. It was crazy to see Mom's energies hit the collective so quickly.

We are so grateful for Mom, she keeps going despite what happens to her. It is our role to be her support, and we will not let something like this happen again. We love you Mom so much, it is time for you to go home. We are so excite for you and you deserve it all! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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