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Another Betrayal

After another experiment for Mom's ascension she was disappointed because she felt her progress was stopped in some way. The team members here had to fight through constantly falling asleep which made it harder on Mom to process. This morning we found out the team downtown slow down the experiment by 83%. Mom was shocked by this and immediately got on the phone with the team and told them they were fired. She was upset that her team was stopping her from moving forward and we all had a responsibility in stopping Mom's progress.

The rest of the day was calm and relaxing, and we came up with a new plan for the next experiment. Robin has always told Mom this isn't a race to get her up to the starships, however, it is getting more and more challenging for her to be down here. The team has a role to be divine just like Mom so we can assist moving her energies forward. We all represent Mom and everything she is, and when we don't fulfill that role it is disappointing to her.

We love you Mom so much, and we are working on fixing our kinks so that we can assist you during this amazing time in your journey. We are so grateful for your wisdom, and your patience with us is truly amazing. We will be the best versions of ourselves because you deserve that. Thank you for everything you continue to do for us. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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