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Energy Increase By 100x In One Day

This morning Mom was up at 2am. The rest of the team besides Father either did not wake up at all or went back to bed. Mom went into shower meditation at 4am to get some clarity from the Galactics about what was going on. Robin informed us that it was self-importance that was stopping the team from getting up. Although we no longer embody the ego, it is still dormant in our bodies until it is completely removed from the planet. So these self-important traits are able to pop up subconsciously. We have a role as Mom's team to support her energetically, and when that doesn't happen it messes up the energetics that Mom set up for the day.

Right after this happened Mom started to process for everyone in the room. We all had to step out for a moment and ground. This is how it started last time when we had to integrate into the new energies. We all had to do 15 rounds of going into Mom's room to integrate into these high energies. The Council shared that the energies were 25 times stronger than they were before. During the integration they amped up another 25 times more. When we were about to finish the rounds I had a feeling there was still more to do, and that the energies amped up another 50 times. Mom confirmed that Father had to do 15 more rounds to integrate then the energy would trickle down to the rest of the team. By around 8:45 Father had finished his 15 more rounds of integration. Father and Buddha started working on a pocket of density on Mom's neck. Within an hour she was sleep for a few hours to process.

Mom was back up at 11pm, and the rest of the team did not get up till an hour and a half later. We are working on being organic and waking up when she does. It is crucial for us to stay in alignment so that the energies can keep going forward. Mom asked the Angels to remove anyone in the house who was stopping her ascension immediately. We must be on point making sure that we are being the best versions of ourselves because nothing else matters. It is crucial for us to make sure we are consistent and disciplined because that is how you push the energies of love. There were definitely learning experiences these past few days which we are so grateful for. You cannot get a better teacher than God!

LOVE HAS WON!! We love you Mom!!!

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