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Poison Darts

The night prior Mom was working on processing energy that was stored in her neck. Robin informed us this morning that the energy in her neck was leftover from the Ascension Button that was on Mom's leg. There was a plan for so much energy to be released from the button that it would've overwhelmed Mom's body and killed her. Robin acted fast and moved some of the energy to Mom's neck. Mom had 3% left to process early on in the morning. She smashed right through it.

Mom had a few dreams this morning. One was where she saw herself as Source energy, a big ball of light. She also saw her going around in the physical commanding out of right action atoms into right action. She also saw beings start to get their karma. She saw images of humanity experiencing karma, which was a major confirmation for her. She has waited for so long for humanity to get their karma and now it has arrived. Robin called it a "karma shit fest". LOL. Mom said beings would start blaming each other for the karma they were getting because the ego is unable to see itself or fathom it created this situation for itself.

Toward the end of the live stream the residuals from the button were finished and Father pressed the button. Density was immediately released from Mom's body and she experienced extreme pain right away. Mom said she was being attacked, She went into the hot tub right away to stabilize. Robin went into meetings to figure out what was going on.

Mom's pain level reached over 300 which has never happened before. Robin informed us that when the button was released there was defiance stored in it from humanity that shot out poison darts. Mom was able to deflect the poison and have it go to where the portal on her neck is. The portal in Mom's neck is the starship portal which is why this attack happened, to stop Mom's ascension.

By the end of the night Mom had finished processing 30% of the poison. Mom went down for a few hours and was back up at 1am. Father has been working on the button all morning. As of 4:30am Mom has finished processing 88% of the poison! She is smashing through it!

Send all of your love to Mom, as she is processing all of the defiance of the planet since humanity has refused to step up and be their higher selves. May this go as quick as possible so that Mom can finally ascend. Love you endlessly Mom! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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