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No More Flip Floppers


Mom was up early this morning, and went into stasis for the majority of the morning. The rest of the team prepared for Thanksgiving dinner. When Mom got up she was prepared to eat, however there were mishaps with the team and we were unable to finish by the time Mom got up. Throughout the morning the team had minor slip ups, but they cannot happen anymore here in these energies. This is the master class, and we must be the example for others and represent Mom with respect and dignity.

Mom and Father kept working on getting the rest of the poison out of Mom's body. They were able to do that quickly. Toward the end of the night Mom felt a pressure build in her neck. It was the button coming to the surface so it can be pressed.

We were on live stream for more than 6 hours, sharing updates and singing music. During the live stream Mom asked us to check the intensity of the energies. In the field the energies were 1,000 times stronger than they were a few days ago. On the planet the energies hitting were 500,000 times stronger than what they used to be. How amazing. As Mom ascends so does the planet because it's her body. So the planet will also ascend as soon as Mom gets to the starships because it's all her! Mom was having so much fun watching it all. It was a great way to end Thanksgiving.

We send all our love to Mom as she finishes the last of this button so it can finally be pressed so she can ascend. We are in the present moment, so we are not aware of the booby traps that have been set up to try to stop Mom's ascension. There never had nor will there ever be a force stronger than Mom to stop her ascension. Why? Because LOVE HAS WON!!!

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