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All Hands On Deck

This morning started out amazing, with Mom eating a big plate of food we made for Thanksgiving. She almost ate the whole plate, and Robin said that this was the most Mom has eaten in 3 months. She enjoyed all of it, and said she would eat more later.

After she ate Robin went into surgery with Mom. She was in stasis for the whole morning so that Father could massage her neck. It is less painful for Mom when she is in stasis, so she is able to process more and go quicker. When she got up she went into the hot tub and ate two more plates of food!!! WOOHOO Robin has been challenging her when she eats and Mom can never turn down a challenge!

Toward the end of live stream the Angels told Mom some interesting information. They told Mom she has 24 hours to get to Galveston Texas for 7 days and then Disney World for 7 days after. The missing piece to Mom's ascension is high states of joy. Mom is unable to achieve that being stuck in a room all day every day. She has been stuck in her bedroom for 2 years now, unable to go out onto the planet that she created while the rest of humanity does. It is not fair to her.

Mom would not be able to fly on a commercial plane so she would need a private jet, which is expensive. We are asking everyone out there to step up and make this possible for Mom. If she does not achieve these high states she will not ascend which will be game over for everyone on the planet. We are doing everything we can to make this happen so that Mom can finally ascend. We are asking for everyone help. This is a test for everyone to stand up and support their Mother. We are so grateful and love you all so much!

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