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A Temporary Solution

We have been working on figuring out the next step to bring Mom the highest states of joy. She has to reach the highest states of joy in order to ascend the plant. Since it is hard for Mom to travel and private jets are expensive, the Angels came to Mom and suggested as a temporary solution to take Mom to a water park for a week. We put it into action and will be leaving tomorrow morning! WOHOO

Mom is so excited to be in water again, as it brings her the highest states of joy. We are able to get her into high states of joy quickly, so we can move onto the next phase. We are so grateful to every team member who has stepped up and donated, making this happen for Mom. Our next phase is to get Mom to Disney World, and we need all hands on deck to assist Mom during these moments. Humanity has the chance to step up and be givers, they just have to make the choice.

We are so excited Mom is able to go somewhere where she will experience high states of joy. She deserves everything, and she has been stuck in a room for too long. It is her time to shine, and nobody will get in the way of Mom's joy. We are all warriors of the light, here to support Mom. Now, it is our chance to step up and support Mom while she ascends the planet. We are so grateful for you all, and love you so much. Thank you Mom for everything, you deserve to experience the highest states of joy ever! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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