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To The Water Park!

This morning Mom has been awake preparing to go to the water park later. She was informed by Robin that the team messed up the energetics she was pushing to get to the water park. The team knocked down the energies by over 25%, and Mom could not leave for the water park until the energies were fixed. By 9:00am Mom was ready to go to the waterpark! We made a bed in the back of the truck so her and Father could lay down during the trip.

The trip went smoothly, and Mom did a great job the entire time. She was even able to go into McDonald's and order her food! The cashier watches the live streams and had no idea she was talking to Mother LOL! We arrived at the hotel around 2pm and Mom went straight into the water park. Her and Father went on some water slides until Mom had to get out because she was not feeling great. She came back up to the room where we spent the rest of the evening watching the History Channel. Mom was in joy for the rest of the night which was amazing!!

We are so happy Mom was able to come to a place that would bring her high states of joy. She deserves everything, especially high states of joy after doing everything for humanity. It is very difficult for humanity to fathom what Mom has done because they don't understand the multi-dimensional, energetics behind what Mom does every day. Humanity also cannot fathom that God had to come down here and have a physical human experience in order to ascend the planet. It is very simple, yet the mind cannot comprehend what Mom has done alone for 8 billion people. Those in the heart will be able to feel the energy that Mom has pushed all her life to make this ascension possible.

We are so grateful, and so honored to be here with Mom in these moments. All of humanity has a chance to step up by assisting her to reaching high states of joy by helping her get to Disney World. We are asking for everyone to step up and assist, as Mom has done everything us. It is the least humanity can do for their Mother who is ascending the planet. The time is now. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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