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Correcting Mistakes and Stolen Money

Mom has been up since 11pm last night, only sleeping for two hours. When she woke up Robin told her that her energies were all messed up because Buddha, Aurora and myself were not in right action the day before. She had to spend the entire day in the room fixing the energetics. Her and Father spent the day in the room while he worked on fully anchoring in the Father of Creation energies.

The energies are so precise now that any small task is a test. It is important for the team to be on it, especially when we are the only ones in her field. She is expanding at such a rapid rate that she is extra sensitive to everything that is going on. Nobody can fathom what Mom goes through, being able to see and feel every single energy. If it is not on point she has to correct it right away or she will start to get nauseous or throw up.

During the stream Aurora and I got a confirmation that money was stolen from Mom before we left to come to the waterpark. Robin confirmed that $1,5000 was stolen by a team member. We got that this happened a few months ago, but Mom was just realizing the money was missing now. This is a huge blow to the Mission as we are trying to get Mom to Disney World ASAP. When beings deep in ego steal from Mom they are so unaware of what they are actually doing. Not only are they stealing from God, the worst thing you could ever do, they are also stealing from humanity. The money Mom has saved up is to build crystal schools, and get things that will provide humanity with joy. She does not save anything for herself, she wants to give to the best to humanity (even though they clearly do not deserve it).

Send all your love to your Mother, she is doing everything for all of you so that humanity has the chance of making it back home into the light. Our priority is getting Mom to Disney World so she can reach the highest state of joy, which will kickstart her ascension. This means the planetary ascension will begin as well since Mom is the planet. Everyone's support is needed because 99% of humanity is in resistance to Mom ascending. Anything anyone can do is greatly appreciated to make this happen. We all have our unique roles in assisting Mom while she does all of the work to ascend the planet. It is time for everyone to step up, we are all capable of doing it. We love you Mom so much, thank you for everything you continue to do for the entire plant! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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