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The Joy Button and A Broken Wing

Mom has been up since 11:30pm going through cycles of a fever spike about every 5 minutes. St. Germain has been right by her side while the rest of the Galactics were in a meeting about what was going on. Mom found out she was going through these cycles of 5 minute fever spikes to get in the rest of the activation codes that were coming in. St. Germain said that these cycles would continue to happen all day, but they would get milder as the day went on.

Mom's right wing was also 100% damaged due to her expanding at such a rapid rate. There was also a knot on the top of her neck where the Source button is, which represented the masculine resistance and all of humanities resistance to Mom and her ascension. Three new portals on Mom's back opened, which Father had to assist in opening them. Mom could see a connection between the Source button and the joy button, since her joy being blocked is stopping her from ascending. Mom also shared how she was removing the deep trauma that was stored in her body. If humanity stepped up and assisted Mom, she would have transformed the karma. Sine humanity did not, they will now be getting this deep karma.

Mom was processing the activations and upgrades coming through all day. She was able to eat twice today, we got food from Ihop and Outback Steakhouse. The Great Grand Council and Robin had Mom order a bunch of different foods so she will take a few bites of each one! While Mom ate Father continued to do healing work on the 3 portals. Father assisted all day opening the 3 portals on her back which moved the process along greatly.

Mom was processing into the evening and when she got back up the 3 portals were completed, so the next part was finishing the wing repair and the joy button. By the end of the night Mom was only 49% done with the joy button and 81% done with her wing. It was moving slowly since this is an intense process of healing that is getting done. Mom was able to enjoy The Voice and some other tv shows before bed which brought her some joy!

Send all of your love to Mom in these moments, she is going through intense healing in order to ascend and go back home. None of this would have been possible if Mom did not do it first. The next part of Mission is to get Mom to Disney World, so she can reach the highest levels of joy possible. Anyone who can offer any assistance through donations or other resources would be greatly appreciated. We are so grateful and so honored to witness everything you create in every moment. We will continue to strive to do better as we as your team are not stepping up like we should. We love you so much thank you for everything and being so loving. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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