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No More Joy Stealing

This morning Mom was up at midnight and the team with her on Mission did not wake up which caused her joy level to drop 10%. This was disheartening for Mom because her joy level was already so low, ranging from 42-47%. This has been an ongoing issue since Mom left for the hotel, with the team not stepping up in the new energetics. Energetics are always changing, and it is the teams responsibility to make sure they keep up with the new flow in every moment. It is unacceptable that team members are causing Mom's joy, and we are working every moment to correct our out of right actions.

Mom was in surgery all day, working on the joy button. Father has been in the room with her, assisting during this process. These are the moments where everyone is getting tested to make sure they are on it. The more intense the energies get, the more precise every choice and action has to be. It has been big testing moments for everyone here, and we are all capable of stepping up into the greatest, grandest versions of ourselves.

We were on live stream today for almost 8 hours, assisting Mom in pushing the energies out to the planet. It was a fun time, with dancing and everyone participating. We even got beings to donate because they were enjoying us dance so much. Mom was laughing the whole time, until toward the end of the stream when the trolls attacked Mom. We had to wrap up the stream after almost 8 hours, and it was incredible Mom was able to watch for that long without getting nauseous.

We are so excited for Mom that she is able to travel now, and is heading to her next destination very soon: Disney World!!! This is long overdue and Mom deserves the highest states of joy possible. We are so grateful to all of those who have made this possible, and continue to support Mom through her journey. This is a new chapter for Mom, and this will kickstart her ascending back home into the light! Woohooo! LOVE HAS WON!

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