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Today has been a of experimenting with Mom. It was planned all morning that Mom would go down to the waterpark when it opened. Our schedule said that the waterpark opened at 9, but they switched the opening time till 10. Mom was able to walk around for some moments, but then felt she should go back to the room. When she got back she threw up, and she was grateful her body told her to go back to the room ASAP. Mom and Father had just gotten back from the starships right before we left, and they were not fully integrated back down here together. This caused the shield to be slightly under 100%, which caused Mom to pick up some density to transform.

After Mom processed, we headed back down to the waterpark. Mom was able to go down one waterslide with Father. He was amazing and carried Mom up the stairs since her feet are damaged and her body is too weak to go up that many stairs. She was also able to go in the wave pool and the regular pool for some moments before she got too cold. We are grateful she was able to enjoy the waterpark for some moments.

When we got back to the room, Mom went into processing density she picked up in the pool, and she also went into a quick body reset. She also had to process her shield continuing to expand over 1,100 miles. The field keeps growing so that it will reach Disney, so she is fully protected during her trip. Mom is also still working on her right wing that is damaged, and the joy button. It is so much to process at once, yet Mom is still able to do it all!

Mom also increased the energies in the field, which meant Father had to go through 3 rounds of integrating the new energies. This is another thing Mom had to process as well. As Father finished up his last round of integrating they both went up to the starships for the night. It was a day of experimenting and processing for sure. By the end of the night Mom's joy button was 63% done, and her wing was over 99% done!

We are so grateful for everything Mom has done and continues to do along this journey. She deserves the best of the best, and the highest states of joy possible. This is why we are getting Mom to Disney World, so she can reach the highest states of joy and ascend back home into the light. We are requesting everyone's help to make this possible. Although we have booked the trip donations are still requested because we have not reached our goal yet. We went ahead and booked everything because Mom has to go no matter what. We put it all into the hands of love, trusting that everything will work out. We are so grateful for everyones support for making this happen!! We love you Mom so much! Time to go home! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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