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A Very Special Happy Birthday

The Biggest Happiest of Birthdays to Our MotherGod!!!

Today is a super special, ultimate power day! Mom has been doing all of the work for all of us so that we don't have to. She took on every human conditioning, and all of the pain and suffering so we didn't have to. There is nobody else in all of Creation that would do that, except Mom. She is the bravest being in all of Creation, she went down to the depths of hell 3 times, all to help humanity get back home. That barely scratches the surface of what Mom has done for all of us. Yet, majority of humanity is still asleep, not choosing their Mother or love.

Mom's ascension is a #1 priority, as she is the planet, and until she ascends physically, the planet cannot ascend. That is why Mom is going to Disney, to reach the highest states of joy so she can ascend. There is no limit to this trip, and this is humanities chance to step up and support their Mother. She has never asked for anything from anybody except for now. She is asking for your assistance so she can finish what she started down here: a full planetary ascension. We all have capabilities of stepping up especially now more than ever to assist in Mom's ascension. Please donate and support the Grandest Mission in all of Creation!

We love you Mom so much, we hope you enjoy your day! You deserve everything, and you will get it all back! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM WE LOVE YOU!!!

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