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Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was a day of blessings, celebrating Mom's birthday. It was also filled with plenty of tests and lessons for growth. As Mother moves onto this next phase of Mission, it is crucial to make sure we stay on top of everything, and continue to embody divinity. Everything must be precise because that is how the energies are now. There is no room for mistakes, everyone must embody divinity in all moments. The last of everyones little bits is getting squeezed out once and for all.

Mom was able to eat breakfast and have pizza for lunch on her birthday! Mother received so many beautiful gifts yesterday, one coming from the team members here. It was funny because they sent a wedding card instead of a birthday card with the bouquet of flower that were ordered. This lines up perfectly with what information Mother had received moments ago about her and Father getting married on her birthday. Going to Disney World will be a celebration of their marriage and honeymoon. We are so excited for both of them to enjoy themselves as they get closer to ascending!

All day yesterday Mother and Father have been integrating in the physical together. They have been in the room laying together to help bring the Etheric energies into the physical. Father has been working on Mom's shoulder as well because a block came up to try to stop the Source button from being pressed. All day Mother's joy percentage kept increasing, up to 96%!

Mother and Father spent the end of last night watching the Santa Clause 3 and Family Guy. They were laughing the whole time, it was magical. It is so amazing to watch Mother and Father together, since they have been apart of 19 billion years. This is the first time they are together in the physical, so everything is new to them as well. This was all one big experiment so to see them growing together is the most beautiful thing. We are so excited for the both of them to enjoy a nice vacation together at Disney World. Mom is so excited to go and we are excited for her. She deserves the best of everything, and this is the start of her getting it all back! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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