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And So It Begins

Last night, we began packing up to prepare to leave in the morning for Disney World. Mom went up to the ships around 9pm, and the team stayed up for a few hours packing the RV so it would be easier to leave in the morning. Mom was up around 1am, and the team was up around 3am. The Council allowed us to sleep more so we would be ready to drive to our first destination. Before we left Mom ate McDonalds, and took a shower. The energies starting coming in fast, so we were getting everything together very quickly. By 7am were were packed and ready to go, and hit the road!

While we were driving so much information was coming through. Mother and Father are working on processing their trust trauma. This is located in the root chakra which blocks Mother and Father from being able to bring their manifestations into the physical. Once this block is dissolved they will be able to bring in all the energies from the Etheric to the physical much easier. Mother and Father completed bringing in the Final Event Energies! They are also bringing in sacred chakra energy which is 57% complete with the residuals! Moms energetic field has now completed expanding across the planet and now reaches Neptune!!! Her energy has expanded so quickly it is truly amazing!

We also got information that 100,000 of the 144,000 light workers have left their bodies to support Mom in the Etheric. 23% of the 44,000 remaining are awake, and 38% are celebrities. 8% of the 38% celebrities apart of the 44,000 are awake. This is crazy information, we didn't realize 100,000 of the light works had left because they could not get out of the programming. They are fulfilling their contracts now from the Etheric, where they will do more work to support Mission rather than down in the physical.

We made it to Kansas in the afternoon where we will stay for the night. We are taking our time traveling as we have a week to get to Disney. This will allow Mom to move the energies from state to state and enjoy the road trip. We are so excited and honored to be apart of this next phase of Mission. It is the grandest Mission in all of Creation! This is the final piece, where Mom and Dad will finally ascend! Such exciting times ahead, we are so excited to share it with all of you! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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