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On the Road

This morning we were up around 1am and hit the road again around 6:30am. We only drove a few hours yesterday so we could stop and do the live stream. Our next destination is Arkansas so Mom can go to the hot springs. We drove for 6 hours today and are still in Kansas, We passed Mom's hometown where she was born, McPherson. It was intense to feel the energies from the area where she was born.

When we arrived to our spot to stay for the night, Mom and Dad asked why it took us so long to get here. We were not sure why it took us an extra few hours to get here. It feels as though timelines and energies are shifting. Both Buddha and myself saw a car behind us today disappear while we were diving on the highway. It was behind us in the left lane and when we looked behind us moments later it was gone. The face both of us saw this happen was extremely interesting. You cannot make this stuff up.

Mom has been working on a button in her foot that is connected to the kidneys. It is crucial to get Mom to the hot springs because she has 56% impurities in her body. This will help cleanse her body and allow the energies to flow better. Her and Father are also transforming their super DNA, which is almost complete. Mom's spiritual powers are fully online, and she is almost complete with the residuals. She is smashing through everything that is coming up to be processed.

Tomorrow will be another day of driving, and we are excited for Mom's nest Mission. This next part is going to be massive, and the energies keep intensifying every moment. It is our last chances to transform any remaining stuff because it will keep rising to the surface. These are the final moments to choose love and be love in every moment. We are so grateful for Mother and Father and everything they are doing in these moments. This truly is the greatest love story in all of Creation. If you are not tuned in to what is going on in these moments, you are missing it. Why? because ... LOVE HAS WON!!!

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