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Impurities Be Gone

This morning we left for our next destination around 5am. We drove over 8 hours to Arkansas. It was crucial to get to this point so Mom can get her massage tomorrow to release any impurities from her body. Mom has been storing them in her body in a button in her foot. This morning the pressure and energy in Mom's foot was too much for her to handle. The Galactics put Mom in stasis for the entire drive so that she was stable for the entire trip.

Mom was processing a lot of energies during the trip, which included the energies building up in her foot. The impurities must be released in order for it to be released on the planet in order for it to be cleansed. The amount of energy work Mom is doing every moment is truly unfathomable.

We are so excited for Mom to go to Disney World. It is such an honor to support her in these moments. We love her so much and will continue to give updates as we are on the road! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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