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Spa Day!

Today Mom and Father went to the spa! It has been a moment since Mom has been to a spa, so this was very exciting for her. We dropped them off in the morning and picked them up a few hours later. When we got back Mom was processing energy. Father had fallen asleep during the massage so the shield of protection went down. This caused all of the energy to go to Mom to be processed. She asked the Angels and the Galactics to slow the processing down so she did not throw up. It took her a bit longer to process but as usual she completed it!

Mom kept getting these cycles of nausea while processing the spa energies. Mom had said this morning she was bringing in 3 waves of intense energy, and she was experiencing that. In the morning when she shared this information a 7.5 earthquake it. LOL. As of now she is 98% done with the 3rd wave of energy!

We found out some information that Mom stayed in the town we were in as Marilyn Monroe. Mom always ends up at the places she has already been in her past lives because the energetics are already set up. Mom always knows what she is doing.

We are set to leave in the morning for Alabama and stay there for a night. It will be a 6 hour drive. We are almost at Florida which us beyond exciting! We are so excited for Mom as she brings in these energies. This is the start of the New Earth! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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