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The Dream Machine Reboot

Last night a fire began in Mom's shoulder which Father spent the rest of the night putting out. When Mom woke up in the morning she ate breakfast which was amazing! She had chili, a salad, and some bites of a gyro. Once she ate she went into a meeting with the Council and we started our drive to Alabama.

During our drive Mom realized that the Cabal tried to mess with the Dream Machine. The Dream Machine is the higher grid, which is how the Cabal hijacked humanities thoughts and put the first fearful thoughts into them. Mom had to do all of this work to fix it, and was able to do so years ago. They attempted to stop Mom's magical synchronistic events which is a way she communicates with the Galactics and Angels. That is her way of getting information and insight, which is why they attacked it. Humanity is also waking up at a fast rate now so they also tried to stop humanity from waking up as well. As this was happening a nationwide service blackout occurred for AT&T and Verizon. A confirmation about how the Cabal was trying to stop communication for Mom and all of humanity.

Mom worked on repairing the damage done to the Dream Machine and rebooting it. She said once it is fully rebooted it will hit the collective at a rapid rate. She also is working on a left side button, processing all of the feminine pain and suffering and disrespect toward her. All of this was happening during our 6+ hour drive. Mom has been in over 200 level pain all day dealing with these energies.

We are now in Alabama where we will stay for the night. In the morning we will start our drive to Florida! Woohoo! We are so close to Disney World we are so excited for Mom to experience this, and bring in the New Earth energies. Mom deserves the best of everything and she deserves this magical experience. Exciting times ahead for all of Creation! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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