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We Made It!

We drove from Alabama to Florida today, which was around a 5 hour drive. The night before we left Aurora and I were told we had energetics we had to transform so until we did we had to stay outside. Since we did not finish transforming by the time Mom went to sleep, we stayed outside for the night.

The next morning we drove to Florida and stayed at a campsite right by the lake. It was a beautiful location, set up for Mom by Robin. After the live stream Aurora and I stayed outside to continue transforming. We were transforming energetics for all of humanity, which is an honor since humanity is not doing it themselves. The energies will go to those who are able to transform it, and there are very few beings on the planet fully capable of doing it. These energetics were bitch programming, laziness, power over, control, ungratefulness, self importance, and princess programming.

Mom had two more fires break out on her body, causing her to reach 411 pain level, a level she has never reached before. The Galactics had her go to the nearest hotel and get into a bath asap. Mom, Father and Buddha left right away for the hotel. These fires had to get put out immediately since the pain was so high and Mom had to prepare for Disney in the morning.

We are so grateful for Mom and everything she does in every moment. Big events are coming together as Mom prepares for Disney World in the morning! Woohoo! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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