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God Made It To Disney World!

This morning we got up and met Mom, Father and Buddha at the hotel they stayed at for the night since Mom was in extreme pain. She was able to get in the bath which helped the pain a bit. We set off for Disney World and arrived around 4pm. The hotel Mom and Dad are staying at is absolutely beautiful, exactly what Mom deserves. It has an amazing view of the lake and the water park that is at the hotel. Mom spend some moments out on the balcony listening to the children play outside. You could tell she was finally at peace, which is what we have waited for for so long.

Aurora, Buddha and myself set off for Clearwater Beach, which is where we will set up for the next phase of Mission. We arrived later tonight and walked down to the beach. It was amazing to be back at the beach and feel all the energy Mom had set up there years ago. We are so grateful to be here during this part of Mission, as these are the grandest moments unfolding right before our eyes.

We send all our love to Mother and Father, and are so happy they are able to spend some alone time together for the first time in 19 billion years. Truly unfathomable to comprehend these moments that are happening. This is going to be a massive energetic week, stay tuned everybody! LOVE HAS WON!

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