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The Last Of It

This morning Mom was up at 4 am and she posted this message on our Skype chat saying "WE ARE CURRENTLY DISSOLVING ANY REMAINING RESIDUAL ENERGY FROM TRAUMA TODAY AND PREPARING OUR CEREMONIES FOR MAGICAL KINGDOM, WE HAD BEAUTIFUL BOAT SHOWS HERE ON THE LAKE LAST NIGHT LOVE YOU ALL" She sent photos throughout the day of her adventures through Disney. She looked beyond happy, and we are so grateful Mom is enjoying these moments.

Mom shared with me earlier that Father was dissolving the last of his stuff, and that he was trying to project it on her. It was causing her pain, but she was laughing anyways. She is in full surrender, and she is always the example. Love in all moments. This is the last little bits that have to come out, it has to happen so Father can fully anchor in his higher self.

Later tonight we went down to the ocean to release our new moon ceremonies. It was extremely windy, it felt similar to wind during a hurricane. This is the same spot Mom did her Divine Decrees. You can feel the energy on the beach, it truly is magical. It is such an honor to be here assisting with Mom's energetics.

We found Mom's videos from 2015 when she read the Divine Decrees at the same beach we are at now. Here is the video, it is beautiful!!


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