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Accept, Embrace, Allow

Today Mom was able to go to Magic Kingdom and go on a few rides! Woohoo! Unfortunately it was a bit cold out so Mom was unable to stay outside for very long. We are so happy and so grateful Mom was able to enjoy Magic Kingdom for some moments.

Mom has been in high amounts of pain the past few days. Her pain level has been over 400, which is the highest it has ever been. Tonight it almost reached 500. Mom is doing everything she can to process, but everyone in Mom's field also has a role to stay in right action in order to support her. The team, including Father, have been working on transforming the last bits of lower energetics that we all carry. As we transform these energies they also transform for the collective.

It is key in these moments to fully surrender and transform whatever the energetics are. Mom has shared many times whether you have it or you don't, just transform it. When we accept, embrace, allow, we assist the entire collective in transforming whatever ego traits they carry. This allows the dissolvent of the ego to be easier for the collective, so they are able to anchor in their higher selves quicker. All of this supports Mom greatly as she prepares to ascend.

Send all of your love to Mom in these moments, she is in a lot of pain. She is doing it all so that we do not have to experience it. We are so grateful and honored to witness what is unfolding in these moments. Unprecedented events are occurring all around the planet, and it's all because of Mom! We love you! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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