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Father of Creation Comes Fully Online

This morning Mom's pain was not getting any better so the Galactics put her in the bath for over 4 hours to help ease it. After last night's events it was very clear Father was no embodying his higher self fully. When he is not his higher self 100% the shield for Mom's protection goes down, and outside energies are able to get in. Mom is so sensitive now so any outside energies can cause her increased pain.

Last night Father was put in stasis and the Galactics were able to locate 5 holes in Father's brain. They were repaired with rainbow light. There was also a Lucifer booby trap that was found, which was the source of these energetics coming back up. It was reversed and replaced with Father of Creation energies. Mom told Father he must embody his higher self now fully at all moments because she has no more time to waste. Once this information was shared we saw an immediate transformation with Father, and we are so grateful he is able to process so quickly so he can continue to be Mom's shield.

After Mom got out of the bath she went into processing. The team has not heard from Mom or Dad for over a few hours, so we feel they are in stasis together up at the starships. Mom's pain has been slowly decreasing which is a very big positive. In these moments we are not completely sure what is going on with Mother and Father, but we will continue to update everyone as information comes through!

We are so grateful for Mother and wish for her ascension to happen very soon. She cannot wait any longer to ascend, it is time for her to go back home into the light. Send her all the love and support in these moments, it is crucial for all of us to do everything we can to support her. We love you Mom so much, thank you for everything you do for all of us every single moment. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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