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The 12~12 Portal

HAPPY 12~12 PORTAL!!!!

Today is a massive energetic day on the planet! Mom has been bringing in these 12~12 portal energies for some moments, and everyone who is connected to Mom could feel it today. We did not her from Mom or Dad until later in the day, so we knew something was going on.

Father was in surgery for many hours today again, and more things were uncovered. There were two king cobras found in Father, and Robin cut the heads off and sent them to the Galactic Central Sun. Mom also discovered that Fathers feet were dead which caused him to be ungrounded and unable to connected to the planet which is Mom. Father was also dealing with power overing Mom, and refusing to see her as the Divine Director. All of these issues were corrected during the surgery. Mom also reconfigured her and Fathers portal connection.

When Mom messaged us later tonight she said Father was back asleep after the surgery. She has been through so much energetically these past few days, and all she could do is surrender and trust the process unfolding. She is the example for all of us to accept, embrace, and allow whatever love has in store. It is always for the highest no matter what, and Mom always re-hearts us of that.

We are so grateful for Mom, and all of the work she does for all of us every single moment. We support and love you Mom so much, thank you for everything you do. Send all of your love to Mom, she is still in a lot of pain. She is powering through it per usual, but anything we can do to help and support her is truly appreciated. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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