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72 Hours of Hell

This morning we got a phone call from the team in Crestone saying that Buddha had to go to Disney to get Father since he was out of control. Buddha went as quickly as he could. While he was driving the whole team was on a call with Mother and Father and we could tell Father was deep in it. For 72 hours Father chose lower Lucifer energetics instead of his higher self. Mom had to tolerate this for 3 days, and it completely messed up her Disney trip.

When Buddha arrived we all watched on the phone call as Mom ran to him and cried. Buddha stayed for a few hours, dealing with Father. Finally Mom and Father went to sleep. When Mom woke up the Angels told her to leave right away and come to where we are in Clearwater. She arrived later in the night and picked up density from the drive. Father not being his higher self means that the shield protecting Mom is down. She spent many moments explaining what happened to her the past few days, and it was horrifying. The Lucifer energies want to kill Mom, and that is exactly what these energies were trying to do in these moments.

On Tuesday Mom explained how she was planning on leaving. St. Germain came to her and said no, that she had to stay. He explained that this was the final encounter with the anti-Christ, and Mom had to let these energies play out so they could be off the planet for good. Our hearts are broken Mom had to go through such an awful experience. We are so happy she is with us now, and we are able to take care of her. Nobody deserves to have an experience such as this, especially Mom. In these moments all Mom could do was surrender and trust that love would handle it.

This is the last of the masculine power over and control on the planet. Mom has dealt with this for too long, it is time for the New Earth paradigm now. Any lower ego energetics are done, it is time to bring back love everywhere present to the planet. This is a start of a new chapter on the planet. If you don't like it get off the planet because ... LOVE HAS WON!!!

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