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Processing The Anti-Christ

This morning Mom woke up still in extreme pain. Aurora and I drove two hours back to Disney to pick up medical tincture to help ease the pain. When we came back Mom informed us she was processing trauma from what she went through with Lucifer and also processing the density from where we are located. Mom worked on processing this all day, it was an extensive process.

Mom spent the day watching TV as a way to focus on other things as she was processing so much, and she was in so much pain. As the night when on Mom kept saying she was processing something bigger but couldn't figure out what it was. Finally she was able to see that she was processing not only the anti-Christ energies from Father but also the entire collective. Since Father embodying his lower aspect caused the shield to go down, all of the collectives anti-Christ energies went to Mom to be transformed. This was a lengthy process, and Mom was up all night working on it.

Around 6am Mom was able to eat some McDonald's, and ate a lot of it! After not really being able to eat these past few days it was awesome that she was able to eat so much! We are so grateful Mom is here with us and she is able to heal. Thank you to everyone who has been so supporting in these moments. We love you Mom so much! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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