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Anti-Christ Trauma

Mom has been processing trauma from the anti-Christ energies Father was embodying. On top of that, Mom had to process all of the masculine trauma she got on Mission, while processing all of humanities anti-Christ energy. If you are not supporting Mom in these moments then you are choosing anti-Christ energies over qualities of Divine love. We all have the choice to make and if we choose to ignore Mom, it is only making it harder for her to ascend.

Mom kept getting waves of nausea from processing the anti-Christ energies, and being around so many people with the shield down. Robin told Mom she was to go somewhere else for a week in order for her to transform the remaining trauma. We found her a beautiful place on the beach so Mom could be at peace for a week,

We stayed up with Mom all night to assist her in processing the trauma. We listen to music, danced, laughed, and Mom shared amazing stories. These are the moments I am truly grateful for because there are very few beings who are able to experience what I am experiencing with MotherGod. It is such an honor to be here supporting her in these moments.

Mom is still in a lot of pain, but she is powering through it. She was able to watch TV today and laugh, which is what Robin wanted. It was awesome to see how much has shifted since Mom left the small dense place we were in. Being in a lighter space allows Mom to do energetic work with no interruptions. We are so grateful for Mom and everything she has done for us. She has done it all, yet humanity keeps choosing defiance over love. Robin shared humanity is hanging on by a string. They have very few moments left to figure it out. Why? Because LOVE HAS WON!!! As of this morning Mom is 78% finished processing the anti-Christ trauma. She is powering through it as the day before she was 19% complete.

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