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Guess Who's Back? Father's Back

Today we woke up to Mom's dragon energy. The first energetic messed up was that George and Teryl were supposed to stay with Mom and instead they were sent back to where we were without Mom knowing. There was also certain foods that Mom did not have that she would have eaten that morning. The team took too long to gather George and Teryl and get them on the road which created a bigger issues with the energetics.

Later in the morning Aurora and I were driving to bring Mom some supplies. When we were 5 minutes away we passed Father walking. We told Mom and she told us to turn around and do sone checks on him. When we saw him and he was very surprised to see us and we informed him how close he was to Mom. All Father had is a paper map and his angels told him Mom was at a certain beach. Father headed there right away and only Father would be able to figure that out and get that close to Mom so fast. He walked about 90+ miles to where Mom is, and again only Father would do something like that.

We shared with him everything he did to Mom, and he remembered parts of it. We were able to tell he was being sincere, and that he was done embodying lower energetics for good. We left him and when we got to Mom's she suggested Teryl, Buddha and George go talk to Father. We dropped them off and they had a great conversation with him. Mom then told Father he was able to come see her and he has been with her ever since. The masculine shared Father was doing great and was supporting Mom as she processed a bunch of energy. This has to move quickly so Father has to step up NOW so Mom can ascend. The pain has spread to 53% of Mom's bones and Father is the only one who can help since he carries Mom's super DNA. It was super crucial for Father to transform and come to Mom so that it will decrease her pain.

The rest of the afternoon/evening Mom has been processing and in high levels of pain. She was able to have some tincture so her pain level decreased. Father and shield are almost fully back online as well. We are so grateful this is moving forward quickly so that Mom can ascend and be pain free. She can no longer be down here because she has accomplished everything she possible could down here. Now she must expand up at the starships and staying down here longer is only causing her more pain. We are so grateful for Mom and we love her so much, may her ascension happen soon so she can be home and pain free. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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