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Another Booby Trap

This morning George called us and said Father was back in Lucifer mode. He had been it since the night before and finally Mom commanded Buddha to come help. We were getting updates from George and trying to get information from the Council about what was going on. We got through that another Lucifer booby trap had gone off, which Father had told Buddha a few days before that there was another one. We assisted in any way we could with any information coming through, and George was doing everything he could to keep the energy at bay around Mom.

At one moment Father refused to leave the house, so Mom called Teryl to come over and help. Once Teryl got there things calmed down and Father started transforming. Once things settled down Mom was able to eat some Thai food and ice cream. She stayed up till around 2am pushing energies and then went to sleep for a few hours. She woke up around 3-4am and ate some more food, and then got up a few hours later. You know something big is coming when Mom is eating more and more food!

We are so grateful for Mom, her patience with everything is beyond imagination. She is the most loving, most kind being in all of Creation. We are so grateful to be here in these moments, assisting her Mission back home into the light. We love you Mom so much, may this be the last of your pain, and may you ascend now! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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