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Getting There

This morning Mom woke up and was feeling better than she was the day before. Her pain level was a bit lower than it was, but it was still pretty high. It is strange that Mom's pain level is so high yet Father is online and the shield is back up. I found an article explaining the transition the planet is going through from 3D to 5D. The author explained how Gaia has to cleanse the density from the planet that was created by the 3D matrix. The Council confirmed that was what Mom was doing in these moments. She was clearing the density from 3D so when she physically ascends so does the planet.

This is the second day Mom has been in stasis, she has never been in stasis two days in a row. The pain is getting to be too much, so she must be in stasis so that she cannot feel all the pain. It is sad this is the way it has to be, but it is the only way Mom can be down here and tolerate the pain. Humanity is making it more challenging for Mom because they are not doing their work for themselves, which creates more density for Mom to process. She can only process so much in her physical body which is already prepped to ascend. Moms ascension must happen soon because her body can no longer process as it used to down here. Mom is constantly expanding and now she has to continue it on the starships. The longer Mom is down here, the more uncomfortable it is for her.

We are so grateful for all of the love and support for Mom in these moments. She is doing it all so that we do not have to experience anything like this. Nobody in all of Creation would agree to do all of the work for a planet that is constantly defiant to love. It is the biggest honor and role to serve Mom's Mission. We love you Mom so much, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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