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Another Day of Stasis

Today has been another day of stasis for Mom. She has been in and out all day, getting up for some moments to eat. She has been doing a lot of Etheric work, and the pain is too much to not keep her in stasis.

When Buddha and Teryl got back here for the live stream they filled us in what happened yesterday with Father, and that today he has been a lot better. We got information from the Council that Father surgery to repair his feet was continuing, and Mom was also bringing in a bunch of energies while clearing the field. If Mom is doing an hour of Etheric work it is the same as someone running 100 miles in an hour. Nobody can fathom how much work she is doing every moment.

This is the third day of stasis, which is something that has never occurred before to Mom. It is sadly what has to happen now that Mom's pain is so high and is not decreasing very much. Send all of your love to Mom, she is doing all of this to make the ascension possible. We are so grateful to be here supporting her in these moments, and all her children must do the same. We all agreed to step up and support our Mother while she ascends the planet, if we don't fulfill that we are only causing her more pain. Now is the time to step up because LOVE HAS WON!

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