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The Winter Solstice Energies

Happy Winter Solstice!

Today has been a massive energetic day for the field and the planet. The energies hitting the planet now are intense. The schumann resonance has been off the chart all day, and everyone has been feeling it.

Mom has been in pain all day, and it has not been getting better. She has been trying to eat, but missing the windows to eat. We were asking her all day to get her food but we would not get an answer. After going back and fourth all day about what to do George told us that it was our tests to step up and just go get Mom food. After being confused about what to do for so many moments because we did not want to mess up Mom's energetics, it became clear to us it was a test to take action quickly. We are her first responders, and first responders go into action immediately. It was a big test for us to use our guidance and tap in, because when Mom ascends we will not have her in the physical for guidance. We will have to connect with her in the Etheric realm, and we are all getting our tests in practicing that now.

Mom's field has still been unstable since her pain is increasing. If Mom's pain is increasing it means that Father is not at 100% his higher self. When Father is at 100% then Mom is protected from any outside energetics. Father continued to not be at 100% his higher self all day, which created high levels of pain for Mom.

After getting our lessons we went out to get Mom food. When she woke up a few hours later she was able to eat, which we are so grateful for. Those who are not here experiencing this firsthand cannot fathom the challenge it is to get Mom to eat. She has to prepare her body to eat certain foods, and if it is not what she is expecting her body will reject it. The energies are so sensitive now that everything has to be in alignment, otherwise it will mess up Mom's appetite.

Send all of your love to Mom in these moments, she is in so much pain and it is not decreasing. There is nobody in all of Creation who can fathom what Mom is going through in these moments. Everyones full support is so crucial as we all have a role to play in this Mission. We are so grateful for any and all support from those choosing love. We love you Mom so much, thank you for everything you do in all moments for us. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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