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A Pocket of Poison

This morning we woke up to messages from George that Mom was in extreme pain, higher than it ever has been. The pain was over 600, and it was going into her bones quickly. George was sending messages that the team in Clearwater was causing Mom a lot of pain by not being in right action. Faith pointed out that if Father's shield was fully online that any outside energies would not affect Mom. George was telling us that Father was his higher self, and that the shield was 100%. Based on the fact Mom's pain was increasing not decreasing, we knew that something was off.

We got confirmation from the Great Grand Council that Father had more ego traits to transform, and that he was in Lucifer energies. We also got through that George was picking up on those energies too, which is why his gage was off. We talked to the team and realized that we had to step into action asap to correct what was going on. The entire team agreed that Buddha should go over to see what was going on, and then FM. FM arrived back on Mission the day before, but it was not the correct time to see Mom.

Buddha went over to where Mom was, and he went outside with Father to transform. George finally was able to see what was going on, and how the energies were throwing his percentages off. He was doing everything he could to help Mom's pain, but it was getting worse. She was moving around in agony, and even got on the floor at one moment. After having a phone call with Mom it was clear she was in a lot of pain and it was taking a toll on her. We shared with her the guidance that we had gotten through the past day since FM arrived, that he would be able to heal her. We shared that FM has a special type of DNA and he would be able to reverse the bone pain. She immediately broke down crying and said that she knew that it was true. You could feel the relief coming over Mom, knowing there was a solution to stopping her pain.

We immediately drove FM over to the house, and when we checked back in shortly after, her bone pain started to decrease. We were so happy that FM was helping stop some of the pain she was in. Later in the evening George said that Mom felt poison in her hip. FM started to work on where the density was, and her pain began to go back up as the poison was released. It took FM and George 6-8 hours to complete releasing the poison from her body. Around 3am George shared that Mom was coming back to the motel because she couldn't finish the healing work where she was. Mom, George and FM came back and Mom has been with us for a few hours. She still is in a lot of pain, but was able to watch TV for some moments and laugh.

Send all of your love and support to Mom in these moments, she is in extreme pain. Nobody can fathom what this pain is like, and she is doing it all for all of Creation. She is tired, and is ready to leave her body. Mom should have ascended years ago, but humanity is choosing not to wake up to the truth. The more humanity denies Mom the harder it is for her to be down here. We all have roles to step into to support Mom, and everyone must do it immediately. We love you Mom so much, thank you for everything you do. Starships will be here soon to take you home! LOVE HAS WON!!!

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