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Another Location, Another Reset

Mom has been up all morning processing the poison that was in her body. She has been in extreme pain, and it is difficult for her to even move at this point. Mom was back at the motel for a moment before she moves to her new place for the week. The team went over first to set everything up for Mom. When she arrived she laid down on the couch because the pain was too much. She is happy where she is though since the place is right on the beach.

We were able to see Mom for a moment and we could see the pain on her face. It was hard for her to move, but she was able to sit up for some moments. It brought tears to my eyes seeing her like this because she is the last person who deserves to be in such extreme pain. We are so grateful Father, FM, and George are there taking care of her in these moments.

Tonight Mom is going through another body reset to push out any remaining toxins or poison in her body. The Etheric's reassured Mom this was the last body reset she will go through before she ascends. The masculine with Mom are all working in getting into complete unity supporting Mom so she has the protection that is needed to protect her from any outside energetics.

Thank you to everyone who supports Mom especially in these moments where she is in extreme pain. We are so grateful for everyone sending Mom love. We love you Mom so much, may this be the last of your pain so you can ascend in complete joy. LOVE HAS WON!!!

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